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General Notes:

 All our Standard aquariums have free delivery(T & C apply)
 We offer Free piping
 We offer Free Sump
 We offer Free Overflow box
 We offer Free Ventilation fan


Up to 15% of the total amount, you can get free fish or Coral but in case one complete setup is purchased.


1. This item is covered by a 5 YEARs Warranty if client has maintenance contract with water wonders co.
Otherwise, 2 years.
2. This Warranty covers only glass fish tank, not products made from wood (cabinet, lid etc.).
3. Client must provide proof of purchase (invoice) when wants to repair the tank, which is under warranty.
4. It is absolutely necessary that client ensure this cabinet and aquarium is installed upon level flooring.
5. It is also a requirement that Client ensure the flooring upon which it is placed is able to support the weight of this aquarium.

T & C 

  1. Free delivery will cover only Dubai & Sharjah premises.
  2. The path through aquarium will be shifted, should be clear for delivering the aquarium.
  3.  Customer should provide video clip / photos prior to delivery day for estimation by Water Wonders For the required equipment according to the area circumstances.
  4. Customer agrees to arrange all kinds of security clearance, permission to use elevator and security Passes for Water Wonders staff prior to the date of delivery.
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