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water wonders terrarium
Custom Made Aquarium

Our creative team is centered on creativity and customer satisfaction and that is why we welcome our customers to sit with the team to express their vision and requirements, enabling the design team and engineering to create the most captivating aquatic concept using different types of materials. Below you can see some of the types. Specialist in custom / bespoke all glass and Acrylic aquariums and associated cabinets and hoods. We can offer a built-to-order service offering anything from a tiny 18″ cube to a huge 10ft and above monster aquarium. Matching furniture means the aquarium offers a lovely presence in any home, with ultra-modern or traditional effects available. I.e. Ultra Gloss Acrylic Coated Board

Aqua Escaping

Another important decision that you will be making with the help of our creative team is aqua escaping or in other words, how you would like the interior of your aquarium to look. Our experienced team can create different types of environments using different materials and elements. Such elements can be live or artificial coral, natural or artificial plants, rocks, and driftwood.

Seafood Tanks & Restaurant Aquarium

Seafood restaurants require tanks to contain a variety of seafood. WW custom manufactures seafood tanks for restaurants. We provide solid stands and beautifully crafted cabinets designed to blend with the restaurant’s interior decoration. Our aquarium workmanship and tank quality are what attracted restaurants to use WW tanks.

Stand & Cabinet

At Water Wonders, we believe that creating a one-stop environment is essential for delivering the safest most reliable, and durable product. This will also ensure our customers the overall quality of the product they will receive. Our engineering team will guide you on the industry standard for choosing the base material and our most creative personnel will help you on deciding how the exterior of your aquarium should look like. Manufacturing the base and exterior of your aquarium will be done by our in-house production team to guarantee the quality and suitability of different elements of the final product.

The base and exterior of your aquarium can be manufactured using different types of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, solid wood,  Melamine MDF, and Stone Veneer.

Other Aquarium Design

Swimming pool clear panel

At Water Wonders we can help you modernize and differentiate your pool and its appearance by adding clear glass/ acrylic viewing panels. You can also add a view wall when the pool is attached to your house, and in the case of elevated pools, you can even view them from below. Panels can also be added between the pool and the Jacuzzi as an infinity edge from which water flows over.

Whether the view is from a floor below, a radius spa or restaurant window, or an infinity edge wall, these viewing panels will take your pool’s appearance to the next level. All the viewing panels are designed and engineered with both safety and style in mind, something that our customers have come to expect from us

water wonders swimming pool clear panel

Koi Pond

If you have ever gazed at a lake or a natural pond and couldn’t get your eyes away, our creative team at water wonders is able to provide you the same feeling by creating a fish pond for your indoor or outdoor environment. Our expertise allows us to provide you with lot of options for the material used to create your fish pond. Our engineering team will be also taking care of all the technical aspects such as filtration, waterproofing and maintenance.

Aquaponics & Hydroponics

Aquaponics is a method by which you grow plants (Flower, Herb, and Vegetable) and nurture aquatic animals together in a system that recirculates the nutrients produced, to the benefit of both plants and animals.

At Water Wonders we believe being an industry leader is vital and it will help us provide our customers with the latest products and concepts. We are proudly considering ourselves as the pioneer of introducing Aquaponics into our indoor areas such as living room, offices, lobbies, restaurants etc.

Water Feature

If you ever want to blend the presence of water into your life, water wanders can bring it to your environment with some of the astonishing water features. Our creative team with the help of engineering team can help you create what can become the most relaxing part of your home, office or workplace. We have been designing and implementing variety of water features in well-known hotels, restaurants and residential places in the region. Some of the types of water features that we can design and create for you are listed below.

Fake Rock

Home-owners wanting to hide ugly well, septic, or utility boxes or a commercial property owner with a series of irrigation valves needing protection, we have the right fake rock covers for the job.

What Makes These Fake Rocks Your Best Choice?

-Made In The USA using patented “Real-Rock” molding technology.

– 5 Year Free Replacement Warranty.

– Available in 4 natural colors.

-Lightweight and easy to use.

-Ground stakes are included with each rock.

-Ultra-durable construction for years of zero maintenance use.

-Texturing & colorant is molded into the exterior walls, not sprayed or painted on.

-Never any chipping or flaking and totally string trimmer proof.

-U.V. protection is molded into the fake rocks walls – protects against fading & U.V. damage.

-Strong enough to stand or sit on – polyethylene material is extremely damage resistant.

-Sized for success – each model can cover a variety of lawn and garden utilities.

-Safe, non-toxic and made of recycled polymers. No sharp corners or edges to worry about.

-Buy fake rocks online here and take advantage of our worry-free 5-Star Guarantee.