Water Wonder
30 years experience in your Service

About Us

Water Wonders Company was established with 10 years of background in the aquatic field in Dubai in 2001. We are proud to have created and customized some of the region’s most advanced and creative aquariums, ponds, and water features.

Our vision has always been to deliver a full set of offerings to our clients from designing and customizing aquariums (Fresh water and Saltwater), waterfalls, fountains, ponds, landscapes, and natural and artificial rock works to manufacturing and after-sales services. Thanks to our new 5,000 sqft facility in Dubai, UAE, we have created a one-stop environment for our customers where they can create their dreams with the help of the most experienced and creative in-house designers and engineers.

Water Wonder’s goal is to create and build high-quality and long-lasting artistic aquariums and ponds using the latest aquatic technologies.

We are one of the few companies worldwide that meets and manufactures all their needs in-house. Manufacturing and engineering metal structures, piping, electrical circuits, waterproofing, lighting, filtration systems, glass, and acrylic works for all our aquariums and ponds are some of our in-house engineering capabilities. Moreover, the dedicated woodwork team provides a variety of designs and finishes for our products using some of the best materials available in the market.

In this region, Water Wonders is considered the only company that can offer its clients the same level of services and products that are available worldwide. Offering reliable, safe, and durable products and services is always at the core of our principles, and making sure that our customers are enjoying their dreams without any hassle is our priority. Water Wonders offers its products with industry-accepted warranty terms and a variety of after-sales packages.