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Case Studies

Case Study 01

This is an extraordinary aquarium on paper and the manufacturing process. This saltwater trapezium-shaped aquarium contains 8,160 Litter water. The dimensions of the aquarium are 4m in length, and 1.2m in height, and the width of one side is 2.2m and the other side is 1.2m. The thickness of the glass used in this project is 39mm (3 layers of 12mm glasses which were laminated together).

Our client wished to have an aquarium in the master bedroom of his house which was being constructed. After a series of meetings with the architectural team and construction team, we came up with the best place to place this aquarium. The aquarium was going to be placed between the master bedroom and the master bathroom thus removing the need for a wall between the two parts. Due to the size of the aquarium and the limitation we had since some parts of the building were already built, we couldn’t transfer the final product from the entrance to the master bedroom. This required our team to build the aquarium on-site and in the master bedroom itself. Another important criterion was to make the filtration system as quiet as possible since the aquarium was located in the bedroom and that is why we decided to place the filtration system and equipment in the basement of the building.

Case Study 02

After the completion of the building, the owner was not sure how he could utilize the area created under the stairs. After a consultation with our creative team, we decided to make the area as cozy and private as possible and let the family enjoy the aquatic life differently. Using two aquariums on sides with different shapes to cover the area was the solution. This could have been a great place to sit and stare at these beautiful creatures. One of the two aquariums used had 3mx1.5mx0.5m (LxHxW) dimension. The other aquarium which was placed underneath the stairs had to be created with the same incline and same curvature as the stairs to cover the gap created between the stairs and the floor. The dimension of this aquarium is 3m in length and height, one side is 1.5m the other side is 0.3m in height, and the width is 0.5m.

Case study 03

One of the schools in the region was interested in having a live aquatic exhibition for its biology classroom. The purpose of the aquarium was to be long enough so that the maximum possible number of students could observe the aquarium. The final design was a 6-meter-long freshwater aquarium with 15mm glass a height of 0.8m and a width of 0.5m. Another milestone of this project was that the 6-meter glass was constructed using a single glass sheet and there was no joint.

Case Study 04

A resident of Abudhabi, UAE challenged us to come up with an idea for the entrance of his house and create a live environment. Since the villa’s entrance was not wide enough but was made out of a high ceiling, we offered him a tall Saltwater aquarium with dimensions of 2.4mx2mx0.8 (LxHxW). We used 38mm laminated glass in a full metal frame to support the overall aquarium in a strong case. The total weight of the finished product with 3,840 liters of water became roughly 4.5 tons. Another important feature of this aquarium was the full 2-meter height aqua scaping with live rocks.

Other Case Studies