Our dedicated team offers professional, ongoing maintenance service of the highest standards for all the projects (Aquarium, Fish Pond, Waterfall and Landscape) delivered to you.

In order to develop any aquarium or fish pond perfectly, it must be delicately nurtured and patiently matured. Good maintenance will result in a healthy aquatic environment. Our team is dedicated to overseeing this ongoing process.

The service allows clients to enjoy the outstanding beauty of their aqua system regardless of their busy lifestyle. Our cleaning service is tailor-made to individual clients, ensuring a continually flourishing system.

During the visits our specialists will evaluate the overall condition and appearance of the fish and other aquatic inhabitants and will perform different tests to ensure the system’s stability. Water changes and gravel vacuuming are performed to keep a healthy environment along with the maintenance of the equipment.

Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium Maintenance


Maintenance Department:

Mr. Ahsan Nazir 

Contact: +971 55 125 3344 / 

+971 55 632 6119