At Water Wonders we believe that creating a one stop environment is essential for delivering the safest and most reliable and durable product. This will also ensure our customers the overall quality of the product they will receive. Our engineering team will guide you on the industry standard for choosing the base material and our most creative personnel will help you on deciding how the exterior of your aquarium should look like. Manufacturing the base and exterior of your aquarium will be done by our in-house production team to guarantee the quality and suitability of different elements of the final product.
The base and exterior of your aquarium can be manufactured using different type of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, solid wood, Melamine MDF, Stone Veneer and … .

  1. Aluminum Stand
  2. Solid wood stand
  3. Steel Stand
  4. Stainless Steel Stand
  5. Stone Veneer Cabinet
  6. Corian Marble Cabinet
  7. Solid Wood Cabinet
  8. Luxury Cabinet
  9. Melamine MDF Cabinet
  10. Laminated Moisture Resistance MDF
  11. Metal Frame