Deciding on whether to have a freshwater or saltwater aquarium!

It is probably one of the most important decisions you’re going to have to make with regards to the fish tank. So which one is best for you?
Both types of aquarium have their rewards and challenges and both are incredibly stunning showpieces for your room. There are, however, a number of aspects that differentiate the two.
When it comes to choosing which ecosystem you want, it’s not all about aesthetics. Cost and maintenance are two major factors you need to consider as well.

Fresh Water Aquarium

Freshwater tropical aquariums with artificial rock and plants (Aquascaping) are a great place to start in your fish keeping hobby. Colourful and natural, they provide an impressive visual whilst requiring a less demanding maintenance regime and lower operating costs.
The livestock in freshwater aquaria are inhabitants from rivers, lakes and streams. They aren’t always as vibrantly coloured as saltwater aquarium creatures, but can definitely come in an array of amazing patterns and uniquely fascinating shapes. The combination of the earthy colours and sleek lines of freshwater fish and fauna can look particularly striking in a luxurious interior.
Freshwater inhabitants tend to be much hardier and generally less expensive than saltwater aquarium inhabitants. If any problems ever were to occur in the maintenance of the aquarium environment, freshwater creatures are more forgiving and less fragile than saltwater.


– Tap water system
– 2-4 week maintenance
– Natural aesthetic
– Durable and colourful fish
– Cost effective visual impact

Fresh Water Aquarium
Marine Aquarium


As you’re probably aware, a saltwater aquarium, particularly artificial reef aquarium, is a wonderful re-creation of the ocean. With that come the vibrant, colorful, delicate creatures, fascinating artificial corals, and rock. Saltwater aquarium in particular can be more expensive. And they are a bit more precarious to maintain than their freshwater counterparts
They generally require additional equipment, additional space for filtration.
Size and materials obviously make a difference when it comes to price, maintenance and suitability as well.
Whether it is a beautiful, tropical aquarium bursting with colour and vibrancy that you’re after, or an intriguing and sleek work of art filled with unusual, unique, fascinating creatures and a wide variety of gorgeous freshwater fauna, no matter what you choose, you will always have an exceptional show piece everyone will love.
Both saltwater and freshwater aquarian created by water wonders aquarium, are a fabulous conversation piece and make an engaging focal point in any room.
Water wonders aquarium has the other great option which is “convertible option”. That means we design your aquarium filtration for both freshwater and saltwater options. With this choice you will be able to convert your aquarium to other option at any time with very less cost.


– Specialist salt mixing with tap water
– 1-2 week maintenance
– Artificial coral reef “wow” factor
– Colourful, exciting fish and corals
– Impressive visual impact