Custom Made Luxury Aquarium Design:

Our creative team is centered around creativity and customer satisfaction and that is why we welcome our customers to seat with the team in order to express their vision and requirement, enabling the design team and engineering to create the most captivating aquatic concept using different type of materials. Below you can see some of the types:

Specialist in custom / bespoke all glass aquariums and associated cabinets and hoods. We are able to offer a built to order service offering anything from a tiny 18″ cube to a huge 10ft and above monster aquarium. Matching furniture means the aquarium offers a lovely presence in any home, ultra modern or traditional effects available. I.e Ultra Gloss Acrylic Coated Board:

  1. Glass Aquarium
  2. Acrylic Aquarium
  3. Fiber Glass Aquarium
  4. Concrete Aquarium

Glass Aquarium

Acrylic Aquarium

Fiber Glass Aquarium

Concrete Aquarium